Saturday, November 8, 2008

Xorg documentation: what a pain

X.Org provides the official reference implementation of the X Window System. Being the reference, one can expect it to find a default implementation as well as the description of its behaviour and the behaviour of the client applications with the server. Unfortunately, this is done extremely badly, amazingly badly. Up to the point that today, when looking for the description of the XV protocol (you know, the technology that allows you to watch video without overheating your processor), I got lost in their minimalistic wiki, found nothing in google, passed via wikipedia, and ended up in the cvs of the old xfree which has an update in a different file. In the X.Org website all I could find was this page about the conversion of all the documentation to DocBook which doesn't even mention where are the converted documentations!

It's really a pity, because it's make it even harder to code or to debug X. I wish they had something organized as well as the gnome/glib documentation. Actually, on the book shelves of the university, there are a couple of huge official old books on the X reference, so at least an outdated documentation must be exist, it's just impossible to find. If you know, please update the X.Org wiki!

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