Thursday, May 21, 2009

And three

There used to be two. Now there are three projects dedicated to create a subtitle editor for gnome. All of them use gtk, but they are written in different languages (C#, C++, and python). I wouldn't mind if they were not each of them crappy. Actually, if just one of them was good, it would be perfectly fine. Unfortunately, they all have flaws so big that after few minutes you give up using them. Either they crash, or they do not show the movie at the same time as the subtitle, or the interface is so much messy that it's impossible to do simple things. In my humble opinion, such a program should be based on gstreamer, and written in python, so I hope Gaupol will get better in this direction...

Opensource should exactly avoid this kind of situation of happening, because everyone can join to the cause and work on improving the existing program. It's really sad to see no such collaboration. At least with the video converters, Arista and Transmageddon seem to have agreed on sharing the forces.

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El Rey de la Mirienda said...

I think you should give try to Aegisub ( It's not gnome-specific, but with wxWidgets it looks pretty neat