Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello from the other side of the world

So far Microsoft as been considering Linux as if it was they were two persons living on a different side of the world. No contact. Today, they have therefore done a big leap, by releasing drivers for the kernel under the GPL. It's actually only drivers to improve the execution speed of Linux when running in their virtualization engine, much less impressive than if they had released drivers for supporting the hardware of the Xbox for instance. Nevertheless, this is still a very symbolic step, as eventually a part of the kernel might be officially maintained by Microsoft.

The code will very likely be accepted, but for now it's only in the staging tree, the part of the kernel which contains "crap code" which does not yet have the quality to be normal part of the kernel. Indeed, the code looks rather ugly, but hopefully mainly just due to the coding style... Now it's time for everybody interested to go and have a look clean it up or test it.

Probably it's just a little "hello" from Microsoft, and other friendly actions towards Linux will take a very long time to come again.

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